The way UNN (University of Nigeria) girls giggle, whisper and still manage to blush about the legend between Golibe’s thighs, you’ll expect to see a handsome young man with a ‘Greek god of sex halo’ on his head. He has probably never been described as handsome except by one of the M.Sc. students he fucked … More Golibe

Just This Once 2

As she watched him get out a bottle of baileys and two glasses from the fridge, she took matters into her own hands, no point procrastinating the inevitable. It was now or never. Without giving herself a chance to think twice, she forced herself up and in one swift moment, her dress was a pool … More Just This Once 2

Just This Once

Fela was jolted from his wandering thoughts by a bbm notification from Chizzy. It was an image of her curvy ass in a black lace thong with the caption, * All I’ve got underneath my dress*. That singular message shattered all his efforts at keeping sane, his dick leapt and hardened, Fela didn’t think his dick … More Just This Once

Unbridled Passion

Two seconds after pinging Sylvester to ask if she could chill at his while her sister waited her turn to audition for MTN Project Fame – she half expected him to respond immediately much less welcome her company with five dancing smileys. Tobi loved her little sister but from the crowd and queue at Eko … More Unbridled Passion