Instructor Manny Episode 3

Manny’s heart slammed against his chest at an impact that would make a grenade look like a joke, he couldn’t believe his ears, did he hear her right or was his cock playing pranks? He has never wanted to fuck a client with this much intensity. To be sure he wasn’t jumping into conclusion; he tweaked her right nipple gently and fondled her left breast simultaneously, her moan and instant closed eyes, were all the encouragement he needed. He was glad he came prepared with condoms, protection was vital.

He kneaded her twin towers, anticipating the taste of her rock hard nipples, they were not standing firm like a young girl’s but they were sight; soft and full. She was light skinned and her nipples were big and brown, he could feel his cock strain against the confines of his briefs but that would have to wait, Manny wanted to enjoy every moment of this, just in case he never got another chance, ‘ a bird in hand’ he muttered under his breath.

Hasana could feel her pussy gradually turning into a mini pool between her legs as her instructor skillfully skimmed his hands and thumbs all over breasts and nipples sending currents of promises to her pussy. Any doubt she felt earlier on was now gone, at this moment, she wasn’t a wife or a mother but a woman answering to the aching needs of her body. She felt his hot mouth enclose her nipples and her pussy started throbbing frantically, the mini pool between her thighs had begun to drool with the evidence of her need. His fingers had somehow found the fold of her pussy and parted it to show her clitoris which hid behind it.

Manny lifted her hips and drew her to the end of the massage table, with her legs in the air, he squatted between her, parting her labia to suck her rose buds causing her to hiss and swear. He continued until she was clutching both sides of the massage table and lifting her hips up for more.

When he straightened from his squat position, Hasana thought the torture had come to an end and he was finally going to put her out of her misery when suddenly he replaced his tongue with his left thumb and without warning inserted first one and then two fingers, it took everything in her not to scream at the top of her voice, she had to resort to repeating fuck! And Shiit! Interchangeably.

He could feel the force of her orgasm against his fingers, it was incredible how slick and wet she was, it was too much for his dick to bear. He quickly discarded his briefs, produced a condom and sheathed his pulsing member and eased into her. She was wet and tight like she hadn’t been fuck in weeks, this added to his delight. Many could still feel the throb in her pussy from her previous orgasm, she was still recovering because her walls clutched the head of his dick and he almost lost control. He placed her in a scissors position for deeper penetration and started fucking her. Damn! ‘This pussy good’, where have you been? You been hiding this pussy? Fuck! It was his turns to use swear words.

Hasana felt another wave of orgasm coming as he pounded her pussy like cocoyam. He squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples and she couldn’t hold back, she let out a stream of squirts as he pulled out of her pussy to finger her. She kept squirting till she had nothing to give again.

Damn! He exclaimed but he wasn’t done with this pussy yet. Manny helped her off the massage table leading her to the edge of her bed and bent her over. The sight of her ass in that position could melt the strongest man in the world. He spread her legs apart slightly and spread her ass cheeks to reveal her pussy still soaked in her juices. With one hand he guided his dick to her entrance stroked it until she moaned and he started fucking her again. He fucked her till she came again and he felt his balls twitch; he rammed into her in four hard strokes and came.

They both collapsed on the bed, panting. Hasana didn’t feel any point in discussing what just happened; she just said to him, ‘same time next week?’ and he nodded in affirmation. She got up from the bed and spoke to him again in a nice but strong voice ‘you know your way out’, just in case he was thinking about making this a romantic thing. she watched as he removed his protection discarded it in the bathroom, dressed and gathered his instruments headed towards the door paused as if to say something but turned around, opened the door and left the room.

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