The way UNN (University of Nigeria) girls giggle, whisper and still manage to blush about the legend between Golibe’s thighs, you’ll expect to see a handsome young man with a ‘Greek god of sex halo’ on his head. He has probably never been described as handsome except by one of the M.Sc. students he fucked while in his 100l, come to think of, she was probably referring to his phallus.

What Golibe lacked in what people would call “fine boy” looks, he more than made up for with his dreamy grey eyes, mulatto complexion, long dread locks and a his six foot  gorgeous body to die for. Being the son of an Igbo business tycoon and a German American mother and lots of cash to spend, Golibe was the perfect delicious package.

As far as Golibe was concerned his covenant with education was over and he could barely wait to explore a career on the runway. He knew he had all it took to succeed; he could already see himself garbed in Gucci’s finest apparel as he graces the cover pages of GQ, Sports Illustrated and ESPN. All his growing up years spent watching fashion TV, E!, flipping through magazine photos was definitely not in vain. He had always been drawn to everything fashion, most especially modeling. It’s just unfortunate that most of his guys think it’s a gay thing to do; he dares not mention his ambition to any of them. He’ll just have to wait for them to see him on magazine covers, billboards and on the runway. Everything was set, he was already signed to an agency, he had jobs waiting for him, fashion designers waiting to work with him, all he had to do was finish his finals and defend his project.


It hurt to know that she was not his only bed mate but every time Golibe touches Jennifer, all her planned protests seem ridiculous. Every time she tries to break up with him, she ends on all fours begging him to fuck her harder. Sometimes it was as if he had super powers, the power to bend her to his every will, wish and desires, it was surreal.

Walking purposely down to the school library where Golibe was reading, Jennifer was determined to end the confrontation by dumping his lying cheating ass once and for all, that’s why she chose the library, with students sprawled everywhere trying to crash cram for their papers tomorrow.

She found him by a corner looking engrossed over a stack of open textbooks and handouts, it reminded her that she was still in 200level and very dispensable to him, she was more determined to break up with him now more than ever.

“Hmm, reading isn’t that hard once you get into the realm”, Golibe thought to himself right before he saw Jennifer’s approaching silhouette. He recognized the glint of anger in her eyes, the one she always has when one of his silly side chicks forgets why their quickie was supposed to be a secret. He was just surprised and curious to know why she brought the look to the library and not his room where he could sway her with kisses and thrust into her in an unguarded moment and probably take her shopping the next day. It wasn’t fair but he never likes arguing with a woman, it was just one very big migraine he wasn’t ready to handle.

Getting out of what he felt Jennifer was bringing to his studying session wouldn’t be easy, it didn’t look good. He had to think hard and fast, Golibe quickly scanned the library looking for a nice shagging corner he could use before he stood up and pulled her into a hug, ignored her feeble attempts to maintain her anger and kissed her.


……………………to be continued.











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