Just This Once 2

As she watched him get out a bottle of baileys and two glasses from the fridge, she took matters into her own hands, no point procrastinating the inevitable. It was now or never. Without giving herself a chance to think twice, she forced herself up and in one swift moment, her dress was a pool of material around her feet, half a second later Fela turned from his hosting ministrations and almost dropped the glass he was holding.

As they stood staring at each other, her nipples hardened as the air conditioner touched her skin, she could see his hard on and obvious fight for control. What now? His expression changed from surprise to unspoken promises to which her body responded with an itchy ache between her thighs.

Without breaking eye contact, Fela dropped the bottle he was clutching and walked towards her, her nipples called out to him, hardening with each step he took. He cupped her right breast and heard her gasp with need, he kneaded and tweaked the nipple and simultaneously squeezed the other breast and continued what he knew was sweet torture to the other nipple. He hungrily feasted on her breasts, moving from one to the order and back, Chizzy felt like she would faint with need, she had never felt such hungry desire to be lavished with reckless abandon, she wanted more.

She held his head and moaned as she felt the impact of his feast evident in her very wet pussy. He gently tossed her on the bed, took of her shoes and discarded his clothes. he resumed his meal on her full breasts, it was like he couldn’t get enough, he squeezed them together sucking and pulling at her nipples, by now her G-string was soaked with arousal. He knew this; he could smell it, just like in his many fantasies of her. He kissed the nape of her neck and licked her ear, sending her into frenzy, she was moaning and squeezing her thighs trying to find relief only he could give. He kissed her down to her belly button, increasing her anticipation.

He moved agonizingly towards her pussy, using his teeth, he removed the scanty piece of underwear and hovered above her center. “You’re soo beautiful, I love your pussy” Fela heard himself say. Her arousal was intoxicating, making him want to fuck senseless but he wanted her to need him badly, he tethering on the edge with his dick harder than Olumo rock.

He kissed her inner thighs and molded her without actually touching her pussy and she lifted her hips of the bed. He tapped her entrance lightly and spread her for a better look at her swollen clits; she was moaning and stuttering incoherent sentences. He fought the need to lick her wetness as he rubbed on her clits with one hand and stroked himself with the other.

Chizzy couldn’t bear the torture anymore, “ to hell with my dignity”, she rose her head up, enough to see him rubbing her and stroking his cock simultaneously, she watched him watch her like he was waiting and before she knew what was happening, she started begging, she wasn’t sure exactly what she was begging him for, all she knew was that her had to quench the fire he started.

The moment stated gasping the words he yearned for all day, Fela slipped a finger into her wetness, she was dripping all over his hands, it turned him on in more ways than one. He slipped in his second middle fingers, slipping in and out of her wetness, she was clutching the bedsheets by now, her eyes half closed, her hips thrusting forward to mirroring the movements of his fingers. He could feel her orgasm close because she was gasping ‘Yes Yes ‘Yes Yes! He suddenly pulled his fingers out and she was clearly not happy, but he wanted to taste her and desperately needed to fuck her and feel her wetness on his dick, watch her reaction as he pounded her pussy to climax.

Before Chizzy could complete her protest, her grabbed her hips, pulling her to the edge of the bed and went on his knees and put his mouth where his fingers had been, it was an unexpected twist for Chizzy, her boyfriend had never done that, infact he had never finger her, just a little rub here and there to get her wet enough for penetration. He always said that a man should never put his mouth down dare but somehow it was okay for a woman to pleasure him with her mouth. She quickly pushed wondering thoughts of her now dry boyfriend out of her mind.

Like a man on a mission, Fela once again slipped two fingers into her wetness and fingered her in earnest, he took them out suddenly and before she could protest a second time, thrust into her, the walls of her pussy grabbed him involuntarily in a bid to adjust to his size, he was bigger than she thought. He started to move slowly, watching as she moaned to his fucking.

And then she went and bit her lips, that was the end of slow and steady, in a rush and a deep need to really fuck, he flipped her to her left side, pushed her right knee to her chest and plunged deep into her still wet pussy fucking her in earnest, squeezing her breast. He pulled her closer to him all the while thrusting deep into her, he could feel her twice delayed orgasm and she was screaming, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! And he felt cum all over his dick, he wasn’t sure he could hang on much longer. He flipped doggy style and rammed into her from the back and close her legs. He saw her clutch the bedsheets again as another wave of orgasm was hitting her, his release was near. He pounded her few more times, pulled out and groaned as his hot sperm spewed on sexy ass.

After her third incredible orgasm, Chizzy knew she wasn’t going to return to her boring sex life, except of course, Dubem was willing to compromise or be patient enough to give this kind of satisfaction, somehow she doubted the plausibility of that ever happening. Drifting off into a deep sleep, she knew in her heart that just this once would never be enough.


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