Just This Once

Fela was jolted from his wandering thoughts by a bbm notification from Chizzy. It was an image of her curvy ass in a black lace thong with the caption, * All I’ve got underneath my dress*. That singular message shattered all his efforts at keeping sane, his dick leapt and hardened, Fela didn’t think his dick could get any harder than it already was but it did along with the danger of bursting through the seams of his fruit of loom briefs. He was hard as fuck.

He could just imagine finally kissing her pink lips spreading her thighs to reveal a moist pussy, evidence of her need for him, he could almost smell her. He imagined sucking on her clits till they were red and hard, slipping two fingers into her dripping pussy and hearing her moan and whisper her pleasure. He wanted her to beg for his dick and when she did he would pound her so fast and hard, slow and hard…..She would never forget it in a hurry, infact she would call him on the phone and tell him how much she misses his mouth on her nipples, making love to them or how he sampled her ruby lips and ignoring her core till she cried with need. His dick harden yet again at the thought, he could feel precum slowly ooze out of his cap.

How far is Yaba from Magodo sef? Is she walking or skating? Why the fuck is she taking so long? He mused to himself right before two unsteady knocks rapped on his hotel door accompanied by another bbm notification, *I’m at d door*.


Chizoba’s insides fluttered with a mixture of conflicting emotions, ‘step out of your comfort zone and be adventurous’ she kept saying to herself over and over again. What if he was a rapist? Would her pepper spray work? What if he couldn’t deliver on the adventure she sought, what if he was Robocop? She chuckled at the mere thought of meeting a Nigerian Robocop, ‘nice one Chizzy’.

If someone had said she would one day be attracted to someone she had never met and agree to a hook up in a hotel, she would probably have crucified such atrocious blasphemy but here she was dressed in a very skimpy royal blue skater dress with nothing but a thong for underwear.

All she just wanted was this one time adventure, to feel the rush of being with someone else, to escape her ‘normal’ life. Not that she was complaining. Life was good; nice job in a bank, nice car, nice boyfriend. Everything was just nice, nothing spectacular including the sex. Sex was just….sex. Not that she didn’t like her boyfriend Dubem. She just wanted to be spontaneous and Fela was her escape, this one time.


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