Instructor Manny Ep 1

He knew ‘scoping’ his abs for more than two minutes in the gym locker room was pure vanity but Manny couldn’t stop, he could barely halt his thumb from taking the 12th selfie that captured the trickle of sweat making its way pass his nipples to his perfect six packs.

Manny was proud of himself, he’d just completed his 30 day cardio challenge test and was already thinking of a modified version for his clients. Snapping back to reality at the chirpy raucous in the dance studio – he quickly wiped off excess sweat and changed into fresh gym clothes, psyched about the Zumba dance class he was taking.

Hasana didn’t know what to expect at this Zumba dance class her best friend, Hawa wouldn’t stop yapping about but she was determined to lose weight and be the apple of her husband’s eye again.

It’s been 11 months after giving birth to her second child, beautiful healthy baby girl, Shamsiya but yet her husband hasn’t batted an eyelid towards her, the closest thing to intimacy was an occasional peck or side hug. It took her a while to accept that her husband of 5 years was getting his freak on elsewhere leaving her alone at home roasting and taking care of the kids while cobwebs slowly gathered between her thighs and her heart.

She had followed her two timing cheating husband on his ‘last trip to Abuja’, she even took souvenir pictures of him kissing a very skinny Brazilian haired bitch at the Golden Tulip Hotel Pool side.

Then and there, Hasana decided that she’ll go out more, exercise, meet people, be happy and focus on her kids and her business. Without a backward glance, she wore her Rayban shades, adjusted her scarf and made her way to the

Hotel lobby and headed to her Honda Civic. She drove straight to Mr Price in Shoprite and got herself work out gear.

Early Saturday morning, Hasana walked passed her very surprised husband in an all black and pink sports gear, complete with head band, got into her car began the 15mins drive to ‘Mannix Gym and Zumba Studio’. She met

Hawa at the entrance forming Madame stretching when she knew the instructor would still make them do it before they begin work out.


‘Hello ladies’, Manny chirped as he made his way to the dance arena and immediately spotted a black and pink clad woman examining the dumbbells at the end of the studio, he noticed her fleshy curves and mused to himself, ‘hmm nice’. He however wasn’t prepared for the beauty that stared at him when she turned – needless to say, he was grateful for the spandex he wore beneath his tracksuit.

Being the apple of her husband’s eye fizzled away at the site of the instructor, oh how she wanted to be the next apple Manny eats. She suspected the wetness between her thighs had nothing to do with the stress of doing a caricature version of his grueling dance moves.

While she waited her turn for her tired muscles to be massaged, she busied herself with the study of his muscle, knowing her eyes weren’t the only ones on him. She closed her eyes briefly and tried to imagine what her husband would do if he finds out her hormones were in overdrive at the site of another man.

Your new right? Hope your impressed enough to register? Manny asked her, she gave a smile that revived his boner. He started with her shoulders, back, back thighs – it was supposed to be a routine after workout massage but for the love of Christ, he didn’t know why he changed gear and started pressing her thighs telling her he was loosening the fat and tension as well. She didn’t complain and seemed to enjoy it

Hasana was 100% certain of two things; he didn’t massage his clients the same way he was sensually pressing her, secondly going by the once familiar tingling below her waist band, she was aroused.

It wasn’t like him at all, but how was he supposed to feel such softness and let it go, just like that. Her quiet moans weren’t even helping; he could perceive her wetness and immediately felt dizzy, all he could see was red but as a ‘bahd’ guy, he maintained.


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