Instructor Manny Ep 2

“Hare you not doing my hown massage?” Mrs Oba’s thick Yoruba accent broke through his wall of leering fantasy, he had to think fast. Manny reached for the back pocket for his Nokia phone and asked for her number offering to give her free ‘home service’ massage for new comers, saying her thighs needed more work, else she’ll feel like a train ran her over. Of course this wasn’t entirely true but he hoped to heavens she bought it. He quickly saved her number promising to call once he was done so she could schedule a convenient time.


Hasana felt a brief moment of sadness when his hands stopped the sensual torture up until he asked for her number and offered to give her free home service if she was up to it. Hasana may not be versed in practical when it came to men but she wasn’t stupid, she had seen him licking his lips from the corner of her eyes while he was ‘massaging’ – she was interested in knowing what was in his mind.

She watched him stand and go to attend to the Yoruba woman who spoilt their moment while she gathered strength to stand and propel her tired limbs to her car. She was soo tired she wondered if it was just in her head or Zumba dancing should be given a new name like ‘ Try to survive dancing’ or ‘Death by Dancing’. As she drove down to her estate, she wondered when her cousin Hawa disappeared form the gym.

She met her kids watching ‘Penguins of Madagascar’ on Nickelodeon, even though Shamsiya looked more confused than amused. Her maid proceeded to inform her that ‘Oga don comot and he say he go come back late today’. As usual, he couldn’t even spare a few hours on Saturday with his children, ‘foolish man’, she said as she painstakingly climbed up to her bedroom. Once there, she prepared a hot bubble bath, secured her braids in a shower cap and headed back to the bathroom with her phones and sank into her bath.

Hasana closed her eyes and imagined her instructor was in the tub, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her pussy. She contemplated using the vibrator she bought online but its hiding place was very far and complicated. Without warning, her eyes welled up in tears. This thing called fidelity is soo fucking unfair, the word should seize to exist, she knew what her mother would say, ‘just endure my daughter, that is how men behave, it’s a normal thing’. What was she supposed to do now for sex, nobody to hold her nobody to touch her and give her all the pleasure she deserves?

Fuck this shit!

Half scared she’ll change her mind; she dialed Manny’s number and asked if he could come as soon as possible, she was ‘aching all over’


Many was staring at himself in the mirror for the second time that day but this time vanity was way off his mind, instead his thoughts were centered on the beautiful Hausa looking lady all garbed in black and pink. He tried to imagine her without her clothes of, devoid of any lingerie. He was hard as fuck.

While he was counting how many hours had passed since he took her number, his phone rang and it was her asking him to come. Yes! Many punched his fist in mid air.


Nobody had to tell him that she came from money, serious money! He was still in awe at her house, it was then he realized she was married with two kids. She hadn’t worn her ring earlier so he didn’t know. She had a great figure for a woman with children; she was probably between a size 12 or 14, a very curvy one at that.

He turned his back to set his essential oils and give her enough privacy to undress and get ready, by the time he turned back she was completely naked, lying face down, waiting for him.


She enjoyed his massage, it actually helped with the pains she felt earlier, she was more relaxed than she had been in months. Thirty minutes into it, he hesitated and she knew he was contemplating taking an x-rated route but wasn’t sure if she would welcome it or not. It was now or never!

……..stay tuned for more episodes of  Instructor Manny *wink*

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