More Than A Punch Affair – Episode 2

They could barely breathe but they kept kissing like judgement day was just few hours away. All the discipline his strict parents thought him combined with all the strokes of cane he received in secondary, none was tough enough to stop Osayi from sucking her lower lip, ‘Damn Val! Why do you taste this good?

With the way Osayi’s engorged dick was pocking her already wet G-string, Valerie new she was seconds away from being fucked senseless. As she contemplated the looming possibility of being ravished on his car in clear view, she suddenly felt cool breeze on her skin, it was then she realised all she had on were a scrap of thin material between her thighs and her bra.

Valerie was still pondering how her dress came off when her bra followed suit and he cupped them together buried his face in them breathing in her scent – he went from one nipple to the other kneading and sucking, making the now useless G-string a soaking sponge.

As he sucked and bit lightly on each hardened nipple, he knew from memory that her ache for him to be in her wasn’t far off. Her breast were like her primary g-spot, if you held it, felt it and loved it right, she would submit to anything without second thought.

He reached between her thighs, and rubbed her pussy through her pant before shifting it to side and slipping two fingers inside. She was like a water fall, gasping and moaning at the same time, it was a good thing her guests were too high on punch to walk all the way to where they were.


Something is definitely happening to me, Valerie mused, and I love it! ‘Don’t stop don’t stop, she screamed when he slowed down on the fingering. With his fingers still probing her wet pussy, Osayi pulled her waist to the edge of the bonnet, squatted before her open legs and ate her clits like a mad man. He sucked until it was swollen and sensitive to touch. She was nearing a cloud 9 and he was ready for the showers and it came, some of it hitting his face. He smiled to himself ‘that’s the squirt star I know’.

Her squirting always undid him, it made him soo hard, he felt he would become a statue if he didn’t bury himself in her – but first he couldn’t let all this juice go to waste.

Valerie was still floating down from the clouds of pleasure when suddenly Osayi lifted her off the bonnet and led her to the drivers’ door. He opened it and immediately she assumed the doggie position. While she was still adjusting, she felt his dick make its way into her from the back, another wave of pleasure hit her – she was sure her IQ had dropped a notch.

Without mincing a beat, thrust further into her wetness and fucked like his destiny depended on it. Two Valerie squirt orgasms later, Osayi pulled out of her and shot his hot cum all over her ass, he was shaking like a pneumonia patient.


Osayi pulled up his trousers and leaned on the roof of his Honda to catch his breath, all the while looking at her. Her after sex look was sexier than anything he had ever seen. He was sure as hell not letting her slip away from him again. He helped her clean up and get dressed.

Valerie thought she would feel weird but she didn’t the calm look on his face spoke volumes. After laughing over her useless pant and her wanton cries, they smiled and walked hand in hand back into her chaos of a party.

What a night!


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