Eche’s Heated Frustration 1

I’ve been procastinating this for a while so i’ve decided to put up the very first erotic series i wrote, which was published in Happenings Magazine Under a pen name. Eche’s Heated Frustration comes in four parts….. i hope you enjoy it….shoki’s out (lol)

They were a picture of the perfect couple, the very beautiful and curvy Echezina and her hunky, handsome and very well ‘packaged’ husband, Jamachi with their million dollar mansion, oil blocks and range of exotic cars, can anything ever be wrong?

Despite all the wealth and love hovering above them, what nobody saw including her husband Jamachi was Eche’s carefully masked sexual frustration. After a year of faking orgasms in her marriage, Eche was determined more than ever to do something about it.

Eche and Jamachi met at a mutual friends’ pool party and instantly, 60 percent of her attraction to him was the impressive bulge she noticed on his swimming pants; it was too good to be true and as a sharp sexually active and free spirited babe that she was, she made it a personal responsibility to work what her sight beheld.

Like every guy who meets Eche, Jamachi was carelessly carried away with not just her beautiful smile but her slim and killer curves; her hips, her lips, they were to die for. The biggest plus for him was her brains; she was a fashion designer and industrious business woman. He knew immediately that he wanted this sexy smart beauty as a wife.

Once the initial contact had been made at the pool party, Eche couldn’t wait to have a taste of her potential boyfriend. Every single time she looked at his DP, she automatically wet her panties thinking of a possible future sexcapade. Unfortunately for her, Jamachi was the old fashioned type. He was the date a girl, get to know her before plunging in.

Eche is a very ambitious woman and right then her ambition was to make Jamachi fuck her brains out till she wires down but how could she achieve that without coming off sounding like a freak? She just let it rest and hoped her boyfriend would take the hint and ease her throbbing thighs.

It was movie night again, but this time around it was unending episodes of Spartacus in Jamachi’s Lekki apartment; Eche made sure to dress according to her urges, just in case. After the second episode, she wasn’t sure if she could survive one more sex scene without ripping her boo’s clothes off. She didn’t need to.

Jamachi had been concealing his boner since he went to pick Eche for their movie night. Seeing her dressed in a black lace skater dress, he thought to himself “this is too much for my old fashioned prick to bear, she must go down tonight”.

Another sex scene had just begun but neither Jamachi nor Eche were interested, it was like a silent agreement. The kisses came first, with Jamachi whispering over and over again why he waited this long to taste her beautiful lips. In a swift motion, her dress and bra came off along with his clothes.

He couldn’t get enough of her full breasts as he sucked on each nipple simultaneously, squeezing each breasts and kissing her at the same time, “it’s all about you today” he told her.

Eche’s juices filled his hands as his probing fingers sought her G-spot. She couldn’t take it anymore; he had to fuck her now.


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